Which Part Will You Miss?

which part will you miss

Is it the burning in your lungs after your first inhale of the day?

Or is it having a persistent cough? Never taking full breaths because your lungs feel covered in muck?

Maybe it’s not those things. Those are pretty unpleasant.

Something else perhaps. Like waiting around for your dealer to text you back. All your plans on hold for this person who couldn’t care less about you. Taking out withdrawals from the ATM several times a week, all going to them. Your hard-earned money.

Will you miss that if you quit?

No, of course not. It’s obviously the feeling of being high, right? Makes it all worth it.

For a few minutes your heart beat is elevated and your thoughts are scrambled and your mouth is dry and maybe you’re a little paranoid and… Is there more?

Yes, you say, I also get this happy, peaceful feeling.

Is that true? Are you sure it’s not just quenching the uncomfortable feeling of coming down from the last time you smoked? Are you sure it’s not just a temporary distraction from troubling thoughts?

What about after the first few minutes of getting high? The several hours of dull senses and laziness and low energy. Will you miss having no energy during the day?

Will you miss eating entire bags of chips and half gallons of ice cream? Or that feeling the next morning… bloated stomach… looking at the mess of junk food on your counter… feeling ashamed of yourself.

And about your looks. Will you miss looking like a vampire all the time? Pallid complexion, bags under your eyes. People will no longer secretly wonder if you’re terminally ill – will you miss that?

I’m just curious.

One of the mains reasons people give for not quitting weed is that they will miss it too much. So I think it’s worth asking: what exactly will you miss?


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