Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide: A Review of Seb Grant’s Program

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There’s a lot of bad information out there about quitting weed. A lot of it is written by people who clearly have never gone through it themselves. Take a look at any of the mainstream health websites and you’ll see a lot of empty platitudes and useless advice.

I don’t know about you, but I’m only interested in getting advice from somebody who has actually done it themselves. If you want to stop smoking weed, who do you want to listen to: someone who never touched a joint in their life, or somebody who used to struggle with the same addiction you are but found a way to overcome it successfully?

That’s why I’m excited to give you my review of Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide by Seb Grant. This program helped give me the boost I needed to finally stop smoking weed. I can’t promise it will do the same for you – everybody’s different – but I will tell you why I think so highly of it. This review will tell you everything you need to know in order to decide whether to try it yourself.

About Seb Grant

Seb Grant is the creator of Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide. I have never met him myself, but he seems to be a real person who has a good reputation online. He says he smoked weed daily for 13 years, and even sold it for several years. Now he says his program has helped over ten thousand people with their marijuana habit.

Seb says he “wake-and-baked” every day for years. He had no focus and drive, and couldn’t hold on to a job. But even with all the problems it was causing, he kept smoking weed because he felt like he needed it just to function normally – to have an appetite, fall asleep, socialize, and cope with even the slightest bit of stress. He even sought professional help, but he found the professionals to be lacking any insight.

I’m sure some of you reading this can relate to his experience. I sure can. I smoked daily for almost 13 years, too. Even when it was causing all kinds of problems in my life. I kept smoking long after I stopped enjoying it. I’ll always regret it.

Ready For A New Chapter? Start Today.

How Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide Worksebook cover image

If you decide to try Seb Grant’s guide, you will get access to the Complete Guide ebook, and several additional resources to help you on your journey. He recommends you start with the main guide and then go through the supplementary programs.

What You Will Learn In The Program

Short answer: a lot. And it’s not the same old advice you hear from medical professionals (you know, the advice that doesn’t work).

A big chunk of the guides focus on the psychological part of marijuana addiction. They tell you about the types of mental patterns that keep you stuck in your weed habit, and how you can break free as soon as you’re ready. Thankfully this is not just some useless self-help jargon. These guides have real insight into pot addiction. I believe they will change the way you think about marijuana and it’s role in your life.

This program isn’t a step-by-step process. There is no, “do this on Day 1, do this on Day 2….” Instead, it gives you the information and tools that will help you set a quit date and finally stick to it! The only decision you will have to make is when your quit date is. From there, you can use this program to make it go as smoothly as possible.

Prices and What You Get

You get several different resources with this program, all for $67. The main resource is a downloadable book which describes the program in detail. You also get:

  • A video program
  • Audio program
  • A detox program that outlines the proper detox diet for getting all the cannabinoids out of your body
  • Additional resources to help you start your new weed-free life

seb grant programI know it sounds like a lot, but Seb tells you the order he recommends you proceed through the programs. The truth is, you probably won’t need all of the information in this program in order to quit successfully. But since everybody has different problem areas, he gives you pretty much everything one could possibly need in order to quit. I suggest you pick-and-choose the parts that are most helpful for you, and just ignore anything that doesn’t make sense for you.

What I Liked About The Program

  • Seb Grant’s program was clearly made by somebody who has actually quit weed successfully themselves.
  • There is a wealth of solid information, from which you can pick-and-choose what’s most helpful for you.
  • It goes in-depth about overcoming the psychological addiction, which is by far the most difficult part of quitting (trust me on that).
  • The detox diet he describes is well-researched and includes recommendations for supplements that will help make the first few days much easier to get through.
  • Everything about this program is positive and supportive. It won’t make you feel ashamed or guilty. Instead, it will probably make you feel excited about life again!

What I Didn’t Like About The Program

  • There might be almost too much information. You need to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed thinking that you need to get through all of it.
  • It probably won’t work if you don’t actually want to quit. This program is only worth your time if you know you need to do something about your marijuana use. It doesn’t really try to convince you that you should quit – that’s up to you.
  • Only available as a digital product. No physical copies will be sent to you.

Final Verdict on Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guidejoints

Bottom line: this is one of the few resources that actually helped me when I quit weed. If you’re tired of smoking weed all the time but you can’t imagine life without it, I recommend you check out Seb Grant’s guide. He has a proven track record of helping people overcome their marijuana addiction, and insights that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Psychology, diet, motivation – it’s all in there. This guide can’t quit marijuana for you, but it will be a huge help if you finally decide you’re ready to give up your habit.

One nice thing about the guide is that it has a money back guarantee for 60 days. If it helps you quit weed (or even just take a break from it) then it will pay for itself within a few days, right? But if it doesn’t help you, you can just get a quick refund. I think it will help you, though – otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending it :-).

You’ve put it off long enough. Don’t let even more years slip by in a haze. Check out the website www.quit-weed.com to give Seb Grant’s program a look.


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