Can You Smoke Weed and Be Successful?

marijuana and success

I hear this one all the time: “My Uncle So-And-So smokes tons of pot and he makes millions of dollar.”

Or, “look at Wiz Khalifa! He’s super successful!”

I say the answer is yes, you can smoke weed and be successful. Obviously some people do it.

But it’s the wrong question to ask, in my opinion.

It’s like asking: can I still run a marathon with a twisted ankle? Of course you can! It will slow you down a lot and it will be painful, but you can definitely get yourself across that finish line.

Pretty much the same thing when it comes to weed.

Of course a heavy stoner can get themself to succeed. But they are making the road much, much tougher.

How much easier would it be to write that term paper if you were clear-headed?

How much more money could you invest if you kicked your daily pot habit?

What kinds of personal connections could you make if you felt more alert and social?

Asking the question “can I be successful and still smoke weed?” says two things about you:

  1. You want to be successful
  2. You realize on some level that weed might put your success at risk

If you want to be successful in your profession you have to consider the very real possibility that weed will hold you back.

Here are some frequent traits of big achievers:

  • Emotional stability
  • Mental clarity
  • Lots of energy
  • Determination
  • Committed to daily growth
  • Ability to connect with others

And that’s just a few. Now, is there anything on that list that you think marijuana objectively helps? Does it give you more mental clarity or less? Are you more determined when you’ve been vaping all day?

Listen. This is personal to me.

I know a lot of really smart stoners who are either unemployed or stuck in jobs they hate.

They don’t have much money and they only seem mildly interested in changing that.

We are living in amazing times. The internet has given nearly everybody a chance to make a good living if they so choose.

You don’t get another shot at the life you’re living. This is it. Why do something that will probably keep you from getting the most out of it?

I’m not saying money and careers are everything. Far from it.

But enjoying what you do for a living is a great feeling. And making a comfortable living doing it is even better.

You deserve that for yourself. Make a decision that will help you get there.