The Best Time To Stop Is Right Now

best time to stop

They say that there’s never a “perfect” time to have kids. You’re always going to feel unprepared.

But once you’ve made the decision there’s no going back. You will figure it out as you go along. And overcome the inevitable challenges.

It’s the same thing when you stop smoking marijuana.

If you’re waiting for the “ideal” time to give it up… well, that time will probably never come.

Maybe you’ve been putting it off because things are stressful right now. Or you’re lonely.

Perhaps there’s a friend visiting soon and you know you’ll want to smoke with them. Then you’ll quit after, right?

It sounds reasonable enough. But it’s a total lie.

Putting It Off Until Tomorrow

You can decide to quit at a later date. Will you follow through with it, though?

This is how marijuana keeps you hooked.

Even if you know you want to quit… and you probably don’t even like it anymore… you decide it’s better to wait until tomorrow.

But then it’s the next day and you repeat the cycle all over again.

I kid you not: I “put it off until tomorrow” for years.

There was always a reason for today not being the day.

Life Stressors

Stressful things will happen after you quit. Just like they happen now.

It’s inevitable. A fact of life.

That’s not a good reason to stay high. If you’re waiting for a stress-free time in your life… well, you’ll probably stay addicted forever.

Or, your habit will keep chipping away at your quality of life until you can’t possibly smoke anymore. Because you’ve hit rock bottom.

I urge you not to go that route.

The truth is, you’ll be far more capable of coping with life’s inevitable stress when you’re free from addiction.

Yes, it will take some getting used to. It will be a little uncomfortable at first.

But ultimately your life will be a million times better.


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